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Our Breeds

With more than 20 years' experience raising quality puppies, we like to think we've become experts of the practice. We've raised and studied about hundreds of breeds and which of those characteristics best fit with the vision of Loe Kennels.
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Shih Tzu
Adult Shih Tzu Breed

Shih tzu are renowned for their perky, happy temperaments and long, beautiful coats.​

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Adult Schnauzer Breed

The Schnauzer is a very sociable dog who loves to be included in family activities.

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Adult Poodle Breed

Poodles are notorious for their intelligence and ease of training. They are lively, active, fun-loving dogs .

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Designer Breeds
Adult Desiger Poodle Mix Breed

Our Poodle mixes include Havapoos, Shihpoos and Cavapoos, with the occasional one-off litter. 

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