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Our Process

We do everything necessary to ensure our puppies end up in loving, furever homes! If you have specific questions about how your puppy was raised, or the process of purchasing a puppy from Loe Kennels, feel free to contact us.
Included in Loe Kennels Contracts
  • Buyer and seller information
  • Pet Information including breed, sex, color, weight, birth date, pet ID, microchip ID, Sire, Dam, ACHC Registration ID
  • Medical records including status, date and medication type for all age-appropriate vaccinations and procedures
  • Sales information including date of sale and price paid
Included in Loe Kennels New Puppy Kits
  • A copy of your contract and paid receipt
  • 4-Generation Certificate of Pedigree with dam & sire photos
  • Registration of breed authenticity
  • Microchip activation form
  • Helpful information including your breed of puppy, basic care, house-training, medications, food and products that can be harmful to your puppy
  • Congratulatory letter from Loe Kennels
  • Complimentary Royal Canin puppy food
  • Complimentary blanket, toys & treats
Puppy Shih Tzu Havapoo Shihpoo
The Loe Kennels Guarantee
A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy, with the balance due at 8 weeks of age. We accept Paypal(a 3% fee will be added on if you don't use Friend and Family), cash, check(for deposit only) or bank draft. Finally payment will be due the week before your puppy ships.  We DO NOT let our puppies leave our facility until they are a minimum of 9 weeks old or older, depending on the individual puppy and whether or not we feel they are physically ready to leave.  Shipping can be arranged at an additional charge to most areas within the United States.
Your new puppy is guaranteed to be free of all communicable diseases and health defects to the best of our knowledge.Your puppy will come with all vaccinations and wormings appropriate for their age.Buyer is responsible for all future vaccinations and wormings.  We do not guarantee for worms, coccidia, giardia, kennel cough (upper respiratory) or hypoglycemia. We do guarantee against parvo and distemper for the duration of seven (7) days from the date of purchase.
Your puppy is guaranteed until one year of age for life-threatening genetic problems. This guarantee does not cover(or limited to), loose knees or hips, skin allergies, stenotic nares and hernias. This is for something that the puppy will die from or severely compromise their quality of life. If a problem is discovered, please notify Loe Kennels immediately, if the puppy should become deceased within the 12 months the buyer must supply Loe Kennels with a copy of the autopsy report. If our veterinarian agrees with the said findings the puppy will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as one becomes available. The buyer will pay all shipping expenses on said replacement puppy. Replacement may require return of the puppy, if not deceased, at the buyer's expense unless a written agreement is reached. Liability is limited to (and will not exceed) the purchase price of the puppy.
Loe Kennels can not guarantee the disposition, life span, size or color of any puppy. 
Your puppy is being sold as a pet-quality and as s such, there is no guarantee to the breeding or show success of said puppy should you decide to do so. The provisions of the warranty shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws and statutes of the State of Kansas. Any and all legal complaints shall be litigated through mediation or arbitration and not through court. Said mediator and Arbitrator shall be agreed upon by the parties and venue in Mitchell County Kansas.
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